Laboratory 1

You take a quick look around and see that the catgirl who had greeted you has now swiveled her chair around and has her back to you. Watching your step, you begin to quietly walk into the rows of machinery, the computer banks hiding you from casual view. It would definitely not do for you to trip over a power cord or computer cable somewhere and yank the thing from its socket. You get the feeling that the feline scientist would not appreciate that, and as you look around, you definitely decide that it's in your best interests to keep in her good graces. Some of these experimentation tables you have no wish to go on, because you're not sure what would happen if she got you on one of them and chloroformed you. Your excursion brings you across many strange-looking things, some of which seemingly have no purpose aside from looking sinister. However, you note one very important detail on all of the tables and frames that a person might end up strapped to: all of the surfaces are padded very comfortably. You relax a bit. Anyone who cares enough to make sure someone who's been strapped to an examination table is comfortable can't be really all that evil. During your quick trip through the lab there is one thing you avoid completely; the giant plant that is growing in one corner. You make especially sure not to disturb any of the vines on the floor, though in the dim lighting that pervades some areas, the cables and vines are hard to tell apart.  The dim lighting also causes something else to come to your notice; there is one area, that is close to you but hidden by raised banks of computers, that has full lighting. Upon coming closer, you see that the area in question is set lower into the ground, almost like an operation area with a gallery for observers. On the exam table there is a girl, with short blonde hair that seems to be done up in two spikes on either side of her head. She's been stripped down to her underwear, and the light reflects off of her bare skin in an almost hypnotic way. Her eyes are covered and she almost seems asleep, but you can tell from the periodic fidgits and noises that she's still awake. You realize that in her totally helpless position, being unable to see, you could go and perform some of your own experiments without ever being identified. But would that really sit well with your conscience? If you're going to do something, it has to be now.

What do you do?

Go and perform some medical experiments

Release her - she's probably been through enough already

Walk away and pretend that you never saw her