The Lab

You decide to head into the door marked "Laboratory". The door opens onto a tight spiral staircase that apparently takes you down one floor before you reach another door, this one much more modern-looking than the wooden doors that seem to be prevalent everywhere else. Inside the door, there is the faint sound of humming computers that could come from any public library's computer room or a school computer lab. However, any similarity to anything else ends right there. The rest of the room is filled with strange-looking gadgets, from what seem to be specimen examination tables, to X- and Y-frames in varying degrees of inclination, robotic hands protruding from seemingly every second opening in every single machine. There is even a massive plant growing in one corner, and while most of the gadgets seem to be moved away from it, there are hundreds of vines growing from the central flower, and it's not easy to tell in the dim light, but you think that a good deal of them are stretched out nearly halfway to the other side of the laboratory, snaking through and around various mechanical contrivances. Sitting to one side, and seemingly not bothered by the chaos that pervades the room, is a catgirl, lithe and lounging easily in her chair, short white-and-black hair coming only to the nape of her neck, two white ears poking out of the touseled hair. The fur covering the rest of her body seems to follow the same white-and-black splotched pattern, including the long tail that's draped over the back of the chair, twitching with almost a life of its own. Upon your entrance, she sees you, and with a slight grin, points a finger almost lazily to your left. There seems to be a terminal there, labeled "Photographic Records of Past Experiments". A menu is open on the screen, you see as you walk over to the terminal. However, you can't help but look around as you make your way over. The lab seems to be a fascinating place and you feel the urge to look around. Curiosity may have killed the cat, but in this case, it's the cat that makes the curiosity.

What will you do?

Go and take a quick peek around the lab

Look at some of the photo records:
Sakie's Artwork
Blue Usako's Artwork

Look at the information menu:
Character Profiles
Felin's Log

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