Sailor Moon

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This is one of my favorite animes (as you will notice by the quantity of the stories) and if you don't like that, tough cookies. ^_^ Anyway, the above picture is to help people who might not know much about anime but still want to read the stories. On the far left with the blonde hair and the ribbon is Mina. Next to her in the blue bikini is Amy. In the green bathing suit is Lita, carrying Serena on her back. Finally on the right is Raye. And a note to all those anime fans out there: I'm using the dubbed names because I realize that people other than just anime fans might like to read the story, and it's easier with Anglicized names. Aside from that, I wrote these so long ago that it was before I knew there was such a thing as sub and dub. *cough* Without further ado...

(All stories on this page are */f)

Part I - An Unfortunate Discovery
The Sailor Scouts go about their usual business, but for Neflite, his time is running out. Unfortunately for the girls, he makes a discovery that is going to save his hide... and make life in the near future very interesting for everyone.

Part II - The Neflite Show
Not content with his first victory over the Scouts, Neflite goes on to make plans to trap them and tickle even more of their energy away. But this time, he's going to do it in front of a live studio audience...

Part III - The Interrogation
Neflite's been watching too many bad movies, and it becomes painfully obvious in a heavily cliched interrogation scene. Still, it doesn't make the tickling any less real for Amy and Serena... and even cliches have their uses...

Part IV - The Tickle Torture Chamber
Neflite gets authorization to build his own base of operations, and sets to work preying on the hapless girls in the vicinity. When the Scouts come to investigate, they get a special invitation to help test some new inventions...

Part V - Research and Development
Any scientific institution needs an R&D department, and with his new cohots, Neflite hopes to further entrench his advantage over the girls, and even start to turn some of the normal girls to his side...

Part VI - Mind Games
Seeking to defeat the Sailor Scouts once and for all, Neflite and his henchmen begin a campaign of psychological warfare, linked of course to a great amount of tickle torture...

Part VII - Megan's Indoctrination
The latest experiment of Neflite and crew bears fruit as the human girl Megan decides to join them. With one ordinary girl now under their control, what mischief can they get into now?

Part VIII - Raye's Torment
Raye decided that she was able to handle a recon mission on her own, a recon mission that ends up horribly blown, and lands the proud Raye in a lot of trouble... and a tickling house of horrors...

Part IX - Aven's Folly
Aven, while toying with Raye in her tickling trap, gets overconfident and has the tables turned on her by the victorious Sailor Scouts, who decide that they've had enough of receiving, and want to be on the giving end for a change...

Part X - Back to Basics
Using Jelex's ability to disguise herself as a human, she infiltrates the local school. Now operating right under the noses of the Scouts, she has a virtual garden of potential targets to choose from...

Part XI - Full Circle
It's more of the same for everyone, with Lita getting captured and the Scouts mounting rescue missions to find her, and Syia's latest new trick gives Raye some nightmares to remember...

Part XII - First Strike
The girls discover that Neflite's earned himself the vice principal's job at their school. With both him and Jelex now in the building they're in every single day, how long will it be before the ticklers catch up to them?

Part XIII - The Shower of Feathers
The girls are subjected to the latest experiment from the Negaverse tickle stooges; the Feather Flower. How well will the Scouts stand up to an all-out feather assault?

Part XIV - Nightmare
The latest strike of the Negaverse ticklers is not aimed just at the Scouts, but the entire city itself... What will the result of this potentially earthshaking gambit be?

Part XV - Divide and Conquer
The Scouts decide to make a hasty getaway to the seaside in an attempt to evade their tickling tormentors. What they don't realize is all they've done is changed the battlefield... and introduced the tickle stooges to an environment of scantily clad females...

Part XVI - Feedback
erena finds herself in a ticklish situation at the hands of the Negaverse tickle stooges... Worse yet, she's about to be the guinea pig for a brand new invention of Syia's. The Scouts strike back by taking Syia herself hostage, but will it be enough to save Serena her ticklish fate?

Part XVII - Pathway to Tickle Hell
After Mina's disastrous attempt to use the Dream Controller, everyone is flung into another dimension, where there's an ancient war going on between supernatural creatures. Friend and foe are alike, however, and no matter where you go, someone wants to tickle your energy away...


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