Blue Usako's Artwork

All of the artwork on this page was drawn by my good friend Blue Usako. She's drawn a variety of tickling pictures, including a few requests of mine, and also some concept art for the Sailor Moon series in my stories section.

Blue Usako's Art

Sango and Naruaku(*/f)

Aisha Clan-Clan (*/f)

Momiji and the Aragami (*/f)

Seaweed is Dangerous (*/f)

Jaynin the Astral Knight (*/m)

Tiliking (NT)

Link and the Poe (*/m)

Inuyasha (NT)

Botan (*/f)

Xelloss (*/f)

Takada Girls (*/fff)

Usagi and Mamoru (f/m)

Inuyasha (f/m)

Group Pic (NT)

Kikuhume (*/f)

Felin - Experiment 06 (*/f)

Kirin (*/f)

Nukunuku (*/f)

Oshizu (*/f)

Yuumi (*/f)

LaughingMan (f/m)

Raven (*/f)

Kleptomaniac (f/m)

Poor Yuri (*/f)

Tentacle Tickle (*/f)

Syia hanging (*/f)

Other Works
Jelex tickled (Flash)

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