Sakie's Artwork

All of the artwork on this page was graciously drawn by Sakie_Shiva. I can't draw worth a lick, but she has made sketches of the characters that appear in the Sailor Moon story series. Her works include concept and tickling sketches. ^_^ Thanks Sakie!

This page is kept as a memorial to Sakie_Shiva.

Original Artwork/Concepts

Felin and Kylie (NT)

Syia (NT)

Jelex (NT)

Tea and Serenity 2
(f/f stomach)

Okami* (NT)

Sakie and Jipsy (NT)

Jipsy (NT)

Felin and Minako (*/f)

Jelex Revamped (NT)

Kylie and Felin
Revamped (NT)

Sakie and Kurumi and
Karinka (ff/f)


Felin and Kylie* (f/f feet)

Kiyone and Mihoshi (f/f feet)

Tea and Serenity (f/f feet)

Syia and the Tiliking (*/f feet)

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*character concept by Bridge (DarkstormXAlpha), who spent fifteen minutes heckling me to give his name as "Bridge".

Sakie will no longer be replying to any email.