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Well, here we go. Finally I've gotten myself settled in and moved the website to its new location. Thanks to HDS for letting me borrow some of his webspace for this. Only one short new story for the update, but that's because I've been working my arse off trying to get everything working here. It seems like everything is good, but there's still a fair chance that some images or links are going to be broken. I'll try to catch these as I find them, but I'm not perfect. The other site will stay up as long as they leave it there (which could be a while, as far as I know) but it won't be updated any longer, so come here for updated stuff. As usual, if you want to drop me a line, you can contact me via e-mail at Jaynin@msn.com, or if you want to chat, I go by MSN messenger with the same address, and Astralknight03 on AIM. I don't bite.

As you stand there in the receiving room, shaking your head over the random antics of the girls, you look around and see there are a couple different doors you could head through next. Some of them, like the infirmary, the kitchen, and dining room, hold little interest to you. There is a stairway curving up both the right and left sides of the room. The right-side stairway apparently leads to a bunch of equipment and maintenance rooms. No one really would want to head up there. But the left-hand stairway leads to the girls' dormitories... You eagerly start up those stairs, but before you can make it up three steps,  two girls appear at the top, chatting aimably. One of them has short, brown hair, and is dressed in what seems to be an armored top that looks like a white-and-blue maid's costume, with blue stockings tucked into white boots. The other wears long, black hair down to her rear end, a plain white T-shirt and a pair of tight gray shorts with sneakers. Both stop rather abruptly and give you cold glares, obviously not pleased with your intent to go into the dorms. Muttering hasty apologies, mostly to yourself, you go back down to the main room. You look around the room for some time, and there seem to be a few more doors you could go through, one marked "Laboratory" and going downward, another marked "Library". Other, unmarked entryways are also present, and as you watch, the two girls who had given you such frosty stares before disappear into one that seems to be a dining room of some sort. With them out of the way, you glance back at the stairway, considering whether to try again...

Where do you go?

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